In order to stimulate the development of scientific thought and the preparation of written work the field of risk management and insurance in the Republic of North Macedonia, as well as to affirm young and professional personnel, the Agency for Insurance Supervision awards an annual award for 2020 for research work in the above stated field.


The annual reward of the Insurance Supervision Agency amounts to 80,000 MKD.


The paper should contain a review of the Macedonian economy on the appropriate topic. It must not exceed 15,000 words (without the abstract part, bibliography and annexes) and it is advisable to have a standard structure of scientific research containing the following basic elements:


  • abstract;
  • review of the consulted contemporary foreign and domestic, scientific and expert literature in the field being researched;
  • description of the scientific research methodology used in the paper;
  • analysis;
  • final observations and
  • bibliography.


Eligible participants for this competition are all the citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia to the age of thirty-five, i.e. until the day of awarding the prize on 01.11.2020, participants should not have reached the age of thirty-six. Participants who have acquired the title of Doctor of Science to the day of submission of the paper have no right to participate in the competition.

The papers are submitted in Macedonian, Albanian or English.