The Coordinating Body of Financial Regulators for Financial Education and Financial Inclusion, in cooperation with associations and institutions from the private sector and non-profit institutions active in the field of financial education, for the ninth year in a row marks the Global Money Week, which this year is in the period 22 – March 28. The theme of this year’s Global Money Week is: “Take care of yourself, take care of your money.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the activities during the Global Money Week this year will mainly take place through e-lectures and postings of educational materials on the websites of the institutions and on social networks. The virtual educational lectures will be intended for students from primary and secondary schools in our country on topics from the areas covered by individual institutions, related to the functioning of the financial system.

The Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) will take part in the Global Money Week through a number of activities on several levels: promoting useful content and giving advice to policyholders through an education portal with an emphasis on protecting their rights and interests, sharing useful and timely information through the website and social networks, educational questionnaires, surveys, organizing a quiz, educational online lectures, TV appearances, promotion of good practices in the field of financial education and financial inclusion, promoting the role of insurance companies and intermediaries in the financial education in order to become part of their good work in relation to their financial clients, encouraging the accountability and responsibility of insurance companies and insurance intermediaries, not only in providing information and advice on financial matters, but also in promoting the financial awareness of customers, especially for long-term liabilities and liabilities that form a significant portion of current and future income. More: Newsletter of activities

Globally, Global Money Week has been celebrated since 2012, with a single break in 2020 due to the pandemic, and since 2021 it has been organized by the OECD. This global initiative, which has so far been celebrated in more than 175 countries around the world, raises awareness among young people about financial education and increases their knowledge of money, savings, employment and entrepreneurship. Each year, young people discuss, read, and learn about economic and financial systems through a variety of activities carried out by government, financial, and educational institutions. The aim of Global Money Week is to encourage young people to invest in their future, emphasizing the importance of financial education, which will help them become aware of their financial rights, facilitate their access to financial services and develop their financial skills.