Within the scope of Global Money Week, this year the Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) is actively participating in the worldwide effort to raise public awareness of the need for insurance.

We have created an abundance of valuable instructional contents for you, esteemed readers, fellow citizens, and prospective and present policyholders, to assist you improve your insurance knowledge.

Insurance is a need that gives you and your loved ones material well-being and financial security. It is neither a luxury nor an extravagance. Learn why you and your loved ones need insurance by reading through clear and informative instructional data.

We will be sharing more educational and informative content in the coming week as part of Global Money Week, which is being held under the theme “Protect your money, secure your future.” This content will help to strengthen awareness of the need for insurance, your rights as an insured, and how to choose insurance based on your needs. As a result of ISA’s initiative, the insurance industry’s entities—insurance companies and insurance-brokerage companies—are heavily and actively participating in this worldwide event.

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