The President of the Council of Experts of the Insurance Supervision Agency, Krste Sajnoski and the President of the Consumers Organization of Macedonia, Marijana Loncar Velkova, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in order to strengthen mutual cooperation for the implementation of projects and activities for protection of the consumers – insurers and users of insurance services and products as well as their approach and providing access to insurance products and services.

With this Memorandum, signed on July 17, 2020, ISA and COM agreed to cooperate and act together to implement various activities such as joint production of information materials, brochures and their promotion to the general public in order to provide better information and education to consumers about correct choice of insurance services and products offered on the insurance market.

They also agreed to implement activities to combat dishonest market practice by encouraging fair relations with consumers and fair behavior by the insured subjects.

The subject of this Memorandum of Cooperation is to encourage the amicable settlement of possible disagreements and/or disputes of the consumers with insurance companies, insurance brokerage companies, insurance representation companies, insurance brokers and agents.

The signatories of the Memorandum also agreed on organizing events to raise public awareness of the importance, significance and need of insurance, organizing and conducting surveys, working in working groups, organizing mysterious purchases, promoting domestic, regional and international cooperation as well as exchanging experiences in the field of research and development processes that are of common interest.

With the signing of this Memorandum, the validity of the Memorandum of Cooperation concluded on August 11, 2016 ceases.