The Global Money Week takes place on a global level since 2012, with the exception of 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, and as of 2021 it is held and organized by OECD. This global initiative, which takes place in more than 175 countries worldwide, raises the awareness of young people for financial education and increases their knowledge about money, saving, employment and entrepreneurship. Every year, the young people discuss, read and learn about the economic and financial systems through various activities conducted by the financial, national and educational institutions. The purpose of the Global Money Week is to encourage young people to invest in their future by emphasizing the importance of financial literacy and education, thus making them aware of their financial rights, ensuring access to financial services to them and developing their financial skills.

The financial education is integral part of the ISA mission and this year we will be part of the traditional celebration of Global Money Week and promote the financial literacy in our country through events, publications and partnerships. All activities are aimed at improving the financial literacy through better financial education.

The Agency will participate via numerous activities on multiple levels: promotion of useful contents and giving advices to the insured via the education portal with focus on the protection of their rights and interests, sharing useful and timely information via Internet website and social networks, educational questionnaires, surveys, organizing quizzes, educational online lectures, TV events, promotion of the best practices in the domain of financial education and financial inclusion, promotion of the role of the insurance companies and insurance mediators in the financial education in order to become part of their good operation with regards to their financial clients, encouraging accountability and responsibility of the insurance companies and insurance mediators, not only in providing information and advices for financial issues, but also in the promotion of the financial awareness of the clients.

This is an excellent opportunity to include entities with their own activities and ideas on the insurance market!

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