The fifth edition of Financial Literacy Days shall be held next week, November 1-3, organized by the financial regulatory institutions in cooperation with their financial companies. To be more precise, the organizers of such event are the National Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the Securities Commission, the Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance – MAPAS and the Insurance Supervision Agency and the private financial sector is also expected to become one of the organizers.

This year, due to the conditions imposed by Covid-19 pandemic, Financial Literacy Days shall be organized primarily as educational lectures via video conference which will allow large number of interested citizens to attend the event. All institutions participating in this year’s edition will inform the citizens via their websites and social network pages about the planned activities and e-events, also notifying about the registration method for every interested citizen.

The financial regulatory institutions ask the citizens to monitor the information about the planned activities and to be actively included in this year’s edition of Financial Literacy Days. The purpose of this action is to strengthen the financial education, encourage financial inclusion and raise the awareness and protection of the users of financial services.

In the course of the year, the financial regulatory institutions implemented most of the planned activities in the sphere of financial education and financial inclusion, while being adjusted to the conditions of the “new normal”. Additional strengthening of such activities is expected in the forthcoming period, considering the commenced implementation of the first National Strategy for Financial Education and Financial Inclusion, adopted in July this year by the financial regulators.