The Global Money Week, which will take place from March 20-26, 2023, is approaching. This year’s theme of the campaign is Plan your money, plant your future (

This topic aims to raise the awareness of citizens about understanding the financial products and risks, by obtaining information and advice in order to develop skills with the insured to become more aware of the financial risks, and to recognize all the available possibilities to make useful financial decisions that enable the improvement of their financial well-being. The benefits of education are mutual for the economy, the individual, households and society as a whole.

By achieving its mission and vision, ISA sets its commitment to increasing financial literacy as an essential tool for protecting the insured, as its main priority.

Our goal is to create a greater insurance culture among the population due to the recognition of the advantages that insurance provides as the most efficient mechanism for compensating potential financial losses from the most common occurrences of risks, especially the risks resulting from climate change.

In this sense, ISA acts on several levels:

Preventive action that manifests itself through direct and indirect supervision of entities by the Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) in order to ensure that insurance companies comply with the relevant laws;

Developing awareness of the risks associated with investing in insurance, the rights and obligations arising from insurance, mechanisms for protection of the rights of the insured and acting upon complaints;

Continuous education of the population in a regular and timely manner, providing relevant information through the website, social networks and the educational ISA portal, publishing educational texts, brochures, publications, manuals and instructions, announcements, reports and data regarding the operations of insurance companies and other licensed insurance entities, reports on the earnings of ISA, news in its operations, etc.

This year, in continuous fulfillment of the above-mentioned goals, ISA will actively participate in the celebration of the “Plan your money, plant your future” campaign through numerous activities:

  • TV appearances, promoting useful content and giving advice to the insured with the aim of increasing awareness of the various types of insurance products and individual risks through the education portal with an emphasis on protecting the insured’s rights, sharing useful and timely information through their website and social networks, promoting good practices in the field of financial education and financial inclusion, educational lectures, etc.
  • increasing the awareness of insurance companies and insurance intermediaries in order to develop fair relations with the insured, and apply correct professional behavior rules, and strengthening communication with the insured in order to better understand their needs and react to their complaints.

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