The highest corporate policy issued in this country covers maximum damage up to the amount of EUR 1.26 billion. The maximum insured amount of Casco insurance of vehicles for covering damage is EUR 41 million and such insurance contract is concluded with enterprise for public transport of passengers. The policy with the highest insurance amount for payment of damage for private health insurance covers up to EUR 2.3 million for insurance of almost 800 employees.

The highest amount that can be disbursed for damage of insured property of natural person is MKD 198 million (EUR 3.2 million). The aforementioned insured property is a house – real estate owned by natural person. The official data from the Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) for the first half of this year show that the insurance companies have over 128,000 active real estate insurance contracts concluded with natural persons.

The highest coverage of property damage in the corporate sector comes from a large company from the power sector. The maximum coverage under this insurance contract that the company may charge is MKD 77.65 billion (EUR 1.26 billion). The corporate sector has over 32,000 active property insurance contracts concluded by 30 June this year.

In accident insurance class, the maximum insured amount per active insurance contract that can be disbursed is MKD 4.26 billion (EUR 69.3 million). The aforementioned refers to collective insurance of over 8,500 employees. By the end of June there were 628,000 active insurance contracts concluded in this insurance class.

In private health insurance class the maximum insured amount per active insurance contract is MKD 142.9 million (EUR 2.3 million). This refers to collective insurance for serious illnesses of almost 800 employees in a public health institute. In this insurance class there were over 12,000 active insurance contracts concluded by the end of June, which provide private health insurance for over 38,000 persons.

The highest coverage for Casco insurance of motor vehicles is in the amount up to MKD 2.5 billion (EUR 41 million). The policy is concluded with a public transport enterprise. By the end of June there were 50.000 active insurance contracts for Casco insurance of motor vehicles concluded in this insurance class.

The most valuable cargo policy covers damage up to MKD 3.4 billion (EUR 5.6 million) for insurance of all parcels realized in the validity period of the insurance contract.

The policy with the maximum insured amount (prescribed by law) when it comes to mandatory car liability insurance covers damage up to MKD 93.4 million (EUR 1.5 million).  The aforementioned policy is concluded by a company for transport of explosive materials insured against material and non-material damage. By 30 June there were over 611,000 active insurance contracts concluded in this insurance class.

The Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) is an independent regulatory body which regulates the insurance market, supervises the operation of the insurance entities, takes care of the protection of the rights of the insured and contributes to financial education and inclusion of the population.