The Insurance Supervision Agency, within its mission and vision, continuously accomplishes activities in the field of financial education thus contributing to financial knowledge upgrade not only for the young population, but also elder population.

Within the Global Monet Week this year, the Agency has achieved a number of activities independently, and together with the members of the Coordinating Body for Financial Education and Financial Inclusion, in reference to raising the awareness for greater financial literacy, especially with a focus on the role of insurance and supervision.

The premises of the Agency were open for students from several primary and secondary schools (Strasho Pindzur-Kocani, Faik Konica-Gostivar, St. Kliment Ohridski-Gevgelija, Brakja Miladinovci -Ohrid, Vasil Antevski Dren-Skopje, etc.). In this way the students had the chance to become acquainted with the competencies of the Agency and its operation. Also, within the framework of this event, a visit to one insurance company was organized, since the students had the opportunity to gain information related to the role of an insurance company as a joint stock company and its functioning.

In the course of these visits, students had the opportunity to follow educational presentations through which they acquire greater knowledge about the institutions that are part of the country’s financial system and the financial products and services that they offer.

The Insurance Supervision Agency, in accordance with the tasks in its programs, will continue to organize activities that mean building the capacity of the future generations, which are expected to be the main bearers of the economic and financial flows in our country.