The Memorandum of Understanding with the Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia completed the successful cooperation thus far, in which ISA provided support through training to young high school students, excellent mathematicians who won a bronze medal at the International Economics Olympiad held in neighboring Greece.

The Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) will continue to provide young mathematicians with financial education training. Simultaneously, ISA will actively support high school mathematicians in national and international competitions and Olympiads within its competencies and capabilities.

ISA and the Union of Mathematicians of Macedonia (UMM) signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of that procedure, which was signed by Krste Shajnoski, president of ISA’s Expert Council, and Gjorgi Markoski, president of UMM. The Union of Mathematicians is a professional organization that organizes our representatives’ preparations for each Economics Olympiad for high school mathematicians.

ISA, in collaboration with UMM, will provide trainings to improve high school students’ financial literacy. The MoU includes a slew of coordinated actions aimed at assisting young mathematicians with a special emphasis on financial education and greater utilization of financial products and services.

The cooperation that began in the first half of the year between ISA and UMM is strengthened and deepened by this Memorandum. Then, ISA professionals offered a training session for our high school mathematicians and economists who achieved excellent success at the Balkan Olympiad in Greece.

Specifically, for the first time, our representatives were awarded a bronze medal at the International Economics Olympiad in June of this year, which covers a team performance in the development of a business study in addition to individual achievements.

ISA shall increase its collaboration with the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at UKIM, which is the parent organization of mathematicians from UMM, through this project.