The transparent operation of the ISA management has contributed to the growth of the number of complaints received from insureds regarding the operation of the insurance companies. In three months, the ISA acted upon 52 complaints, which is three times more than last year. The most numerous, in the first three months of this year, are the complaints of insureds for car liability compensation of damage covered by a European report. The number of these complaints increased almost fourfold.

The Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) in the first three months of this year reviewed 52 complaints from insureds who complained about the services of insurance companies.

The number of complaints that the ISA acted upon in the first quarter of this year has tripled compared to the same period last year when the ISA experts acted upon 17 complaints.

In the period January-March, the ISA received a total of 62 complaints from insureds, whereby 6 of them were without grounds for consideration, and in 4 cases the submitters withdrew their complaints. Out of a total of 52 cases in which the ISA acted in favor of the insureds, 8 complaints were resolved, which is a fourfold increase compared to the same period last year. Currently 18 complaints are being processed, and 26 complaints of insureds were negatively resolved.

Usually, the insureds complained about the European report service when resolving traffic damages. Out of a total of 27 complaints for resolving car liability damage claims (the largest and compulsory insurance class), as many as 19 complaints are due to the actions of insurance companies in accordance with the European report for damages. Compared to the same period last year, the number of insureds who complained about that service increased fourfold.

There has been a significant increase in the number of complaints for property insurance – the largest voluntary insurance class. The ISA experts received 13 complaints from insureds, which is twice as much as in the same period in 2021.

Regarding the reason for which the insureds complain, most of the complaints in this period refer to the basis for payment of damages by the companies. For the first three months, 20 such complaints were received, which is 53% more than the same quarter in 2021.

The most significant increase in the number of complaints is related to the procedure in which companies process the damages of the insureds. From the beginning of January to the end of March, 16 complaints for damage processing were submitted, and last year in the same period there were 4 times fewer submitted complaints on this basis.

In the first three months of this year, 15 insureds complained about the amount of compensation offered by insurance companies. In these cases, the ISA does not have the authority to decide on the amount of compensation, however it determines the conditions and circumstances in which the decision on the amount of offered compensation of damage was made.

Of the submitted complaints, 47 were submitted by citizens, and 15 were submitted by legal entities. Of the citizens who submitted complaints, 13 used the services of a lawyer – representative.

A complaint is submitted to the ISA if the insured is not satisfied with the response to the claim by the insurance company or has not received a response within 30 days. The ISA does not review anonymous complaints or cases for which court or other proceedings are being conducted.


The Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) is an independent regulatory body that regulates the insurance market, supervises the operation of the insurance entities, ensures protection of the rights of the insureds and contributes to financial education and inclusion of the population.