ISA in cooperation with USAID project Partners for Financial Stability (PFS) organized a two-day workshop on the topic Risk–based insurance supervision, which was held in Hotel Holiday Inn from 03.11–14.11.2011.

The organization of this workshop was based on the conclusions from the conference (Challenges in harmonization of the domestic insurance legislation and supervision with the legislation and practice of the European Union) held in Ohrid from 30.05-31.05.2011.

Lecturers on this workshop were Holly Bakke (USAID PFS), Nóra Kiss (HFSA-Hungary), Tanja Buhlmann (Germany-BaFin), Ivana Petrović (Serbia-National Bank of Serbia) and Alma Qamo (Albania-World Bank consultant).

This workshop was attended by 50 participants, representatives of the supervisory insurance bodies from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia and Montenegro.

During the workshop, the participants had an opportunity to hear experiences from countries which are in different phases of utilization of risk–based supervision, starting from countries in the region that do not have or have not sufficiently developed legislation for this supervision type, and finishing with the EU countries that are in the preparation phase of implementing the Directive 2009/138/EC (Solvency II).

The goal of the workshop was practical: the participants had to prepare a letter addressed to the management in which they would cite the necessary steps for introduction of risk–based insurance supervision.