The Insurance Supervision Agency has always prioritised the protection of policyholders’ rights, and it will continue to do so. Our guiding principle is that the insured should always receive the greatest insurance service for the money they spend, whether it is for life, property, health, accident, vehicle liability, travel, or any other purpose.

That is why we always remind you, esteemed policyholders, to educate yourself! We are here for you, and on our website there is always valuable and publicly available material that will help you understand what type of insurance you require and what you should know before purchasing an insurance service.

At the same time, we, as insurance market regulators, who care about the preservation of your rights via education, are always available to answer any insurance-related inquiries at

We hereby want to emphasise once more that the Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) protects your insurance rights by responding to your concerns directly and immediately. If the insured is dissatisfied with the insurance company’s answer to the damage claim or does not receive a response within 30 days, he or she may file a complaint with the ISA. Complaints that are anonymous or that include legal or other actions are not taken into consideration by ISA.

The Insurance Supervision Agency (ISA) is an independent regulatory organisation that regulates the insurance market, monitors insurance companies‘ operations, protects policyholders’ rights, and promotes financial education and inclusion.